Top down yolk cardi progress report

17 04 2009

On Wednesday I started the Top Down Yolk Cardigan. As I said in the last post this pattern is generated by knitting software! So far it seems to fit. I wasn’t planning on doing waist shaping but I have decided I will do some and have just started decreasing the sides.

I’m a wee bit disappointed you can’t see the yolk pattern row – I should have done a three DC cluster and skipped two stitches instead of a two DC cluster. Ah well. And I don’t know about the neckline. It’s so plain – maybe I’ll add a cowl. I was also thinking of adding a lace crochet border to the opening when I’m done. Hmmm…

I’ve done a few extra rows since these pics and I’m almost out of yarn – I bought 4 skeins and put the rest on layby because this is some luxury yarn for my standards!!

I was planning on buying some more yarn for this on Sunday but I have just had a huge blowout and my credit card is maxed! In the last three days I have bought 600gms of mohair (proposed crochet shawl or throw), 12 skeins of Patons Inca (proposed knitted cardi), 13 skeins of Cleckheaton Studio Mohair (knitted tunic pullover/dress – pattern from She Knits), and 10 skeins of Patons Soft Haze (knitted pullover). Yes I know – Thats THREE knitted garments for this beginner knitter – make that FOUR including the Lil Red Riding Hood knitted hoody my sister and I are planning to do as a KAL. I can’t wait!!!

Now I just need some wool for it – Buying yarn is good for the soul I tell ya!!!




4 responses

19 04 2009

Putting in a call to YAA (Yarn Addicts Anonymous)… LOL. I love the cardi! It looks so soft and yummy! Can’t wait to hear progress upgrades on your wide variety of crochet/knitting projects.

20 04 2009

This top is looking great – you’re obviously being bitten by the yarn bug and a serious crafting addiction is happening – your friends might organise an intervention!

20 04 2009

haha – they wouldn’t be my friends for long if they did! 😉

20 04 2009

Your cardi is going to be so cute! Can’t wait to see more of it 🙂

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