Clucky for crafting

1 04 2009

When I saw this super cute tutorial to make chickummjig over on Whip Up I just had to make my own wee chicky… now I’m just waiting for him to lay me some Easter eggs 🙂

Shere didn’t seem that enthused about sharing his new polar fleece blanky with Cluckywuck (yes that’s his name), so I might have to adopt him out to someone with a little more appreciation and love for chickens!

I must mention that Cluckywuck was made with the help of Smoochies over at the sewing machine (I got to sit on that wee corner of the chair to his top left… I kid you not)

And in other crafty news I finished Jude’s gloves (using Bella McBride’s Sunday Tea Wristwarmer pattern) and managed to attach one of my labels to them – I had to trim it quite a a bit first so you couldn’t see it through the stitch pattern… I sewed each end of the label to the glove with invisible thread – lets hope it stays there! Apologies for the poor photos – they really did turn out super cute though!

I’m looking forward to buying some inkjet fabric sheets (rather than inkjet fabric transfer sheets)… I think they will make a better job of labels.




3 responses

2 04 2009

Those gloves are lovely. I have never seen woolen gloves which look as stylish as that. The ribbons are such a pretty touch!

I hope Cluckywuck doesn’t make a racket in the mornings! Shere wouldn’t care, he’d sleep through it of course!

Anar xx

2 04 2009

Cluckywuck is soo cute! I should make one for the kids for easter if I have some spare time 😀

5 04 2009
Bella McBride

The Sunday Tea Wristwarmers turned out fantastic! I think I will go find some black yarn and make a pair for myself!

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